Librium Project
Librium Project offers an opportunity to rent promotional space on the sensitive academic soil with all its advantages but also reflects the needs of libraries and students. The project's aim is to support the academic libraries as the essential institutions of knowledge and information. The libraries are given financial and material support within the Librium project.

Partner of the project

The corner stone of the Librium project is the project partner, the library's donor who finances all the products of the project. The project partner has an exclusive right to rent promotional space on the products of the Librium project. The exclusivity means that there can only be one partner promoted on the promotional products.

This exclusive partnership allows the project partner to influence the unique target group of university students without any interference from competitors.

The project partner has an opportunity to choose from a wide range of universities in Slovakia for the period of one ore more semesters. There are more than 200.000 university students in Slovakia.

Past and Present of the Project

Librium Project was launched in 2007. The basic idea was to provide financial support for libraries and to improve students' study environment while offering a promotional space to companies looking for qualified employees for their opened positions. The promotion would take place in academic libraries on special products for practical use. The slogan "Service to knowledge" was the first attempt to voice this idea.

The project was adjusted and finalised during the pilot project launched in summer semester with the company First Data at FEI (Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology) and FIIT (Faculty of Informatics and Information Technologies) of STU (Slovak University of Technology). After the successful pilot project, we have applied the feedback from students to other projects that are being launched at the Faculty of Management of CU, the University of Economics and the Faculty of Chemical and Food Technology STU.

Librium Project has already addressed over 22.000 students. In this regard, we would like to express our gratitude to our partners - First Data, Aegon, Deloitte and Heineken Slovakia.

Librium is a thoroughly elaborated top project, the benefits of which lie not only in its financial aspect but primarily in its educational and informative value.

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